Crime Songs (Demo)


Ein Song über Gedanken die wir nicht haben wollen.

Vocals: Carla Fellinger

this morning,
while the moon got wiped away
he adored her sleeping face
deeply moved
by her beauty and by her grace

this morning,
while her skin was speckled with sunlight
while her disappearing dreams waved goodbye to the night
he commited a crime

this morning
while he saw their countless love scenes gleaming in her eyes
he did something
something unbelievable
unforgivable, something criminal

out of the silence
he allowed a note to arise
from the darkness of his soul
merging with another one,
expanding to a phrase
forming a song

a song about leaving her
`bout leaving his great love
abandoning his dream
about taking the wrong turn

the thought alone lets his blood run cold
the thought alone sets his veins on fire
triggers a soulquake
explodes in heartbreak
but was‘nt it foretold

cause this is a song about the crimes
when our thinking goes the wrong way
when we‘re about to take the runaway train
to an endless game
only one player and no others to blame
running counterclockwise

This is a song about life
this is a song about love
with your great love on your side
who backs you up and holds you tight
wrong thoughts will be reharmonized

there‘s no way to ban crime songs
out of our heads
trapping our dreams
hanging them on silken threads

this morning
he fell in love with her again